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As part of our dance family, you'll find yourself doing more than just learning the steps to a choreography, or drilling moves until they're just right. The nurturing and positive environment you're a part of will allow you to connect not only with your creative self, but with your fellow dancers.

You'll learn about the history and culture of this very ancient dance form. You'll connect to the music by learning to play finger cymbals and immersing yourself in the rhythms. You'll learn improvisation and eventually be mentored through the process of creating your own dances.

You'll improve your general fitness and flexibility, learn to love the body you're in, and gain an appreciation of how beautiful a dancing body is in every age, shape and size. You might even learn to sew!

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Our annual showcase, "Under a Ghawazee Moon" is an opportunity to participate in a theatre performance. Whether you choose to be on stage, or back stage, you will be part of the magic!

The showcase features dances in a range of styles performed by beginner to advanced students. Advanced level students have the opportunity to perform solos and group-choreographed pieces created during the year through our Dancer's Project.

Our Showcase runs during Term 3 at theatre@bcs.

"Thoroughly enjoyed this fabulous performance!!! Wonderful variety in a very full program which flowed seamlessly. Thanks everyone!" – W.


Performers will rehearse during Term 3 in classes. There are no performance or rehearsal fees. Costs for staging the performance are recovered through ticket sales - so make sure you invite your friends and family! Ticket prices range from $7 - $20 with discounted prices for groups and families.

You will be assisted to make (new or upcycled), purchase or hire costuming required for the dances you will be performing. Over time, you'll build a small collection of interchangeable costume pieces that are used in performances in the theatre and at community events. Specific folkloric costuming and props are hired from the school at a very low cost of $5/performance.


Our school had its beginnings as a youth performance troupe, and providing classes in Middle Eastern Dance for girls and young women remains an important part of what we do. Young people are an essential part of our dance community and benefit greatly from being around so many "big sisters" and "Aunties" of different ages, shapes and backgrounds. Older, experienced dancers lead by example, demonstrating the importance of being a support and a cheer squad for other women; showing our young dancers what a supportive and connected community of women can look like.

Our open level kids (ages 5+) and littlies (up to age 5) classes teach core dance and Middle-Eastern Dance movement through games, props, experimentation, free dancing (improvisation), choreography and world music. Our costumes are age-appropriate, and our movement vocabulary is drawn primarily from folk dances of the Middle-East.

Youth classes (ages 9-16) get stuck into more challenging technique, props and choreographies. They expand on improvisation skills and begin developing their own style. During this very impressionable age, being part of a bellydance community can counteract the potentially damaging messages from the media and advertising around women's bodies and a woman's place in society. Girls are encouraged to take up space, love the body they're in and appreciate all the amazing things it can do.


Many bellydancers learn to sew alongside learning to bellydance. There are so many fabulous costumes you can make yourself! Our sewing days and crafternoons are a great way to get help getting started, pick up new skills and learn how to make your own fabulous costume. They're also a really fun social time and an opportunity to meet dancers in other classes outside of performances and workshops.

Bring along your sewing machines and overlockers. If you don't have a machine, and would like to use one on the day, please let us know. There is lots of room for cutting out, and you can copy patterns for specific costumes such as ghawazee coats and vests. You can also get assistance in how to cover bras, make fringed scarves and other costuming items.


Crafternoons are held at 'Nellie Hall' in Melba. There is a gold coin to $5 donation to cover hall hire costs depending on numbers.

Crochet Workshop
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Our blog has a growing number of costuming instructions on it. We'll be adding Baladi & Saidi style dresses, chemises and more as we go along. Please note that these are not patterns, but instructions, and basic sewing skills are assumed.

> Full Circle Skirt
> Harem Pants
> Fringed Scarf (one piece)
> Frindged Scarf (two pieces)
> Fringed Scarf (hidden fringing)



Our Summer Workshop Term has a lots to offer - explorations of different styles, working with different props, and technique-focussed workshops. There are always a couple of workshops focussing on core movement which are perfect for getting back into it after the break, and ideal if you've wanted to try out bellydancing, but aren't sure about signing up for a whole term.

In addition to the dance workshops, we also have a percussion workshop, sewing workshop crafternoon and mini Halfa & Market. Join us for a couple of fun-filled hours of dance and music. Show off the new skills you learned in your workshops! Bring along an instrument - your zills will do - and help us create a live music ensemble!

In between dances browse through new and pre-loved costuming, props and dance accessories! If you've got some pre-loved items you're ready to pass on, bring them along and add them to the pre-loved stand. We ask people who bring add to the pre-loved table to spend a little bit of time "working the stall" so we can all have a dance. If you are a vendor, you can set up your own table for a small fee.


Students who have learned a choreography are invited to participate in community performances as part of the Ghawazee Moon Performance Troupe. We specialise in lively and colourful performances! Fantastic gypsy-style and fusion costumes, great dances and family-friendly fun. Students regularly perform at the National Multicultural Festival, Floriade and other community events. Students may also be interested in joining our more serious performance troupe, Banat Amar.

Performers are expected to have (hire or borrow) appropriate costuming, practice the dances they are performing, show up on time and remain until the end of the performance.

"Great dancing with you all again, lovely to catch up with the Thursday ladies whom I generally only get to see when we perform. Thanks for offering such great classes Sam, I would never have thought six years ago I would be a belly dancer!" – E.

Performing is always optional. We respect that students may have a variety of reasons (outside of not feeling confident) for not wanting to dance in public. We encourage students to perform for the benefits to self-confidence, improvement of your dance skills (from all that extra practice) and experiencing the joy that comes from sharing your dance with others. You will never be pressured to perform. Non performing students have opportunities to be part of performances in support roles - make-up, costume making, helping with costume changes, helping back-stage and front-of-house at our Showcase - there are lots of things you can do to be part of a performance if you're not performing.


National Museum of Australia Silk Road Festival Day, Various School Fairs and Fetes, Veiled Attitude (Youth Bellydance Festival), Floriade, National Multicultural Festival, National Youth Week, Celebrate Gungahlin, Belconnen Markets, Mother's Day on the Shareway, Grandparent's Day, LGBTIQ Fair Day, and Reclaim the Night.

We love participating in Fetes, Fairs and other events in the wider community. Whilst performing is a big part of that, we also like having a stall and the opportunity to tell everyone how great bellydancing is!

Let us know if you have a community event coming up - we'd love to share our dance with you!


Students have access to class notes, choreography notes, music, events & costuming information via our TeamApp. You don't need to download the free App (there is a browser accessible website version) but you do need to be a current student and sign up to get access. We also have a closed facebook group for sharing videos & hanging out.

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We teach bellydance classes and workshops so you can feel great about yourself and become part of an encouraging and supportive community. We can help you celebrate your beautiful, creative and expressive self through the joy of bellydance.
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