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"Belly dance exercises muscle groups that not many other activities touch, and is so enjoyable that it doesn't feel like exercise."

- Student "J"

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"It's 'you time' for an hour or so, where you get to wear bling and awesome costumes doing something you love for you."

- Student "F"

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"Strength, self-confidence, healthy body-image, psychologically lifting, not to mention all the wonderful people I've met along the way."

- Student & Performer "H"

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"Always new moves to learn, great friendships to develop and wonderful teachers."

- Student "T"

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"I loved doing classes it was always fun, enjoyable and supportive. I miss it and you ladies so much."

- Student "A"

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"I started Bellydance when I was 20 weeks pregnant. Eight plus years later I am still dancing, as is my child! I have made progress with my dancing and now choreograph my own dances."

- Student & Performer "M"

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"I came in as an experienced dancer. Ghawazee Moon ladies were so welcoming, fun and inclusive I haven't looked back and have my daughter dancing now too."

- Student "M"

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"I started Bellydance as an adult with no previous dance experience. It was always encouraging and welcoming and I never got that "I'll never be able to do this" feeling like I did with some other activities as a beginner."

- Student "J"

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"When I started bellydance I met some amazing women who became really good friends. We dance together, laugh together and support each other. Bellydance is so much more than just being a fun dance class."

- Student & Performer "K"

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"What I love is the great grounding in movement technique that allows me to quickly develop my own personal style/self expression combined with group work that makes me feel like a real part of a community. And awesome performance opportunities!"

- Student "S"

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"Sam, you're an excellent teacher and you always seem to manage to give students individual attention which is great!"

- Student "N"

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"It not only stimulates the mind, but develops musicianship and an appreciation of history and culture. Thoroughly recommend to anyone considering trying something a little different."

- Student "J"

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"Belly dancing gave me friends who share values as well as support and cherish each other's differences."

- Student & Performer "M"

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"Fun, confidence, strength and smiles"

- Student "L"

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Fabulous backstage photos and selfies provided by students.

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Celebrate your beautiful, creative & expressive self through the joy of Bellydance!

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