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10 - 23 January 2021

Registrations for Summer 2021 Workshops & Events are now open. Early Bird Registrations close on 11 December. Workshops must be paid in full on or before the cut off date to be eligible for the Early Bird discount.

Summer Nights Cabaret Promo ImageCRAFTERNOON
All Welcome.
Sunday 10th January
Nellie Hall, Melba
Many bellydancers learn to sew alongside learning to bellydance. There are so many fabulous costumes you can make yourself!
Our Crafternoons are a great way to get get started and pick up new skills. They're also a fun social event and an opportunity to meet dancers in other classes outside of performances and workshops. You can bring along your sewing machine or overlocker - there is room for cutting out, and costume patterns to copy.
$5 Entry or $Free with the Bling your Bellydance Bra Workshop.
> Registration is essential as space is restricted.
Summer Nights Cabaret Promo ImagePERCUSSION CIRCLE
All Welcome.
Saturday 23rd January
Nellie Hall, Melba
All levels of percussionists - including beginners - are welcome to join the circle. This is not a class, but a lightly facilitated session giving you the opportunity to practice with others, gain confidence in your abilities and expand on your knowledge through peer-to-peer learning.
If you have your own percussive instrument, please bring it along. This can include drums, hand drums, finger cymbals, riqq, tambourine, your hands! :) If you need to borrow an instrument, please let us know when you register.
$5 Entry or $Free with the Introduction to Middle-Eastern Rhythms or Rhythm and Zills Workshops.
> Registration is essential as space is restricted.
End of Summer Hafla & Markets Promo Image.SUMMER HAFLA & MARKETS
Free Entry. Social Dancing. Live Music Jam.
Shopping pre-loved fabrics, costuming & props!
Saturday 23rd January
Nellie Hall, Melba
With classes just around the corner, get together with your bellydance family for some fun socialising, shopping, music making and social dancing. Practice your new moves or give your new percussion skills a workout. Celebrate the end of summer and the start of a new year of bellydance and music!
Stallholders & Sellers
If you have a small amount (max 10) of pre-loved costuming or props, you can add it to the pre-loved stall. Make sure all items have your name and a price on them, and bring an inventory with you. If you can help out for half an hour on the Pre-Loved stall, there is no fee.

If you need your own table to sell your new or pre-loved items, you can book your own Market Stall Space. Tables are available, but you are welcome to bring a clothing rack.


Stall Set Up from 3:00pm.
Pack Down 5:15-5:30pm.
$Free Per person with assistance on the Pre-Loved Stall
$2.00 Per person for up to 10 items on the Pre-Loved stall.
$5.00 Per table space for stall holders.
> Register with your workshop booking for your own Market Stall or Space on the Pre-Loved Stall, or use the form below.

If you also want to register for workshops, you can register for the Crafternoon, Percussion Circle and Market Stall space with your workshop regsitration.



End of Summer Hafla & Markets
Saturday 18 Jan 3:00-5:00pm

Pre-Loved Stall (Helping Out)
1:40pm Set Up

Pre-Loved Stall (10 Items)
1:40pm Set Up
$2 per person with a maximum of 10 clearly labelled items.

Stall Holder
1:40pm Set Up
$5 per large table sized stall space.






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Cash payments only available for Market Stalls on the day. Cash payments for Cabaret tickets only available for 'in class/workshop' payments only. Seats are secured only upon payment. No tickets available at the door.


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Nellie Hall is in Chinner Street, Melba. Just next door to the Melba Shops.

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