Ghawazee, Folkloric, Baladi, Vintage & Fusion Bellydance Classes in Canberra.

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Not sure what to get your bellydance-obsessed loved one? A gift voucher is perfect! They can use it for classes, workshops, costuming - even showcase tickets! All you need to do is nominate the amount for the voucher and we will post it out to you - or you can pick it up during class time.

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We teach bellydance classes and workshops so you can feel great about yourself and become part of an encouraging and supportive community. We can help you celebrate your beautiful, creative and expressive self through the joy of bellydance.
Gungahlin Community Centre, 47 Earnest Cavanaugh St, Gungahlin
'Nellie Hall', Chinner Crescent, Melba
'Ellycienne' Home Studio, Macgregor
Phone: 0403020796

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