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Bellydance is such a beautiful dance form. The emphasis on emotional expression, rather than story-telling, allows dancers to really get into the music - to feel it. The way that this dance embraces people of all shapes and sizes encourages us to celebrate life in all it's variety, and at every age.
After a childhood spent studying classical ballet and jazz, Sam began training in Folkloric Bellydance in 2000, and it has been her passion ever since. It is a dance style she wishes had been available to her as a girl - particularly as a teenager - and is dedicated to raising awareness of Bellydance as an excellent dance form to parents who are looking at dance classes for their young children and teenagers.

Sam studied with the Raqs Sharqi School of Egyptian Dance, and continues to develop her skills through participation in workshops and intensives with bellydancers and musicians from Canberra, interstate and overseas. She has a practiced understanding of both musicianship and dance which enhances her choreography, improvisation and teaching skills.

She has performed as a member of several Canberra-based dance troupes including Awalim, The Roving Raqs Sharqis, Kahi Hiomi: women of earth, Daughters of the Peacock Padishah and also performs as a soloist. She is currently the artistic director of, and a performer with, TABLA bellydance.
Sam is an experienced teacher, choreographer and workshop presenter - encouraging, enthusiastic, inclusive, and supportive. Instructing since 2003, Samina is qualified under the Ausdance Skill Set for Dance Teachers.

Whilst Sam does add a personal flair to her interpretation of bellydance, and enjoys exploring through fusion styles, her movements and choreographies are well grounded in the Folkloric roots of the dance, and she continues to find inspiration through study of its culture and traditions.
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Celebrate your beautiful, creative & expressive self through the joy of Bellydance!

Ghawazee Moon Bellydance
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'Nellie Hall', Chinner Crescent, Melba
| 'Ellycienne' Home Studio, Macgregor
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