Spring Short Courses Announced!

Spring Short Courses have been announced, and are open for registrations. Courses will run for 5 weeks from 22 August to 22 September.

MON 6:30 (Intermediate +)
Each week you will learn a new combination with a different movement focus. We will then adapt the combination to suit a variety of styles and music.

MON 7:45 (High Intermediate +)
Each week you will learn to play a middle-eastern rhythm on Drum, Riqq or Zills. We will then explore dancing to the rhythm - where the expected accents are, in what styles you are likely to encounter each rhythm, and also play with a variety of movement patterns to suit.

WED 7:45 (Intermediate + enthusiastic beginners welcome)
Explore a different prop each week to get a taste of technique, styling and a couple of fun combinations to practice. You will play with Veil, Sword, Melaya, Cane, and Isis Wings.

THU 6:30 (High Intermediate +)
This slow fusion favourite, choreographed by Hester, uses tea-light candles, strong arms, emotional expression and dynamic contrasts to create a mesmerising experience. You’ll learn the dance step by step through drills and combinations.

THU 7:45 (Intermediate + enthusiastic beginners welcome)
Each week will have a different movement technique focus; sharp, smooth, shimmies, arms and footwork (travelling). We will drill for perfection, and use combinations to build confidence and ability in transitions. The perfect way to get ready for a next term!

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Term 1 Classes are Open!

For the super keen, Term 1 2022 classes are up!

We are continuing working on our "Favourites" choreographies for the 2022 Student Showcase. Daytime classes resume and there is an Online lunchtime class, Day Trippers, that will have a different style focus combination to learn each week!

You can register for classes here.

Summer Workshops are Back!

Summer workshops are a great way for you to learn something new, give bellydancing a try, or just keep up your practice over the break. Everyone is welcome to register for Summer Workshops and Events - you don't need to be a regular Ghawazee Moon student to come along.

Our teachers are drawn from Canberra bellydance teachers and musicians in recognition of the high quality of teaching and variety of expertise in our region - so if you're learning bellydance in Canberra, you'll likely see a teacher from your school in the line up!

This summer's social events include the Welcome Back Halfa & Markets on Saturday 8th, a Craftermorning on Saturday 25th, and the Student Cabaret on Saturday 22nd. It's been a long time since we have danced together - it will be wonderful to see you there!

Find out all the details here!

Term 1 Classes are Open for Registration

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into some technique and choreography review this term!
Classes are now open for registration! Read More…

Website Update Underway

Our website is currently undergoing a major makeover. This means that there will be a period of time - hopefully not too long - where only essential content will be available. Read More…