Saturday 16th March 2024 :: Bega Multicultural Festival
Sunday 17th March 2024 :: Cooma Multicultural Festival

History ~ Mythstory ~ Artistry

Banat Amar will delight you with their joyful improvisations and dynamic choreographies. Gorgeous rhythms & melodies from live musicians accompany a troupe of enchanting and playful dancers in colourful and intricate costuming. Both the dances and costumes are inspired by late 19th century Ghawazee dancers of Egypt – renowned for their swinging hips, powerful shimmies, and delicate arms.

Passionate performers of traditional & theatrical middle-eastern music and dance, Banat Amar are a troupe of dancers and musicians performing earthy and enchanting styles of Egyptian folkloric music and dance. A blend of Middle-Eastern and Western instruments come together in the spirit of the Ghawazee - festival performers of Egypt - to present songs along with set and improvised dances to folk and original tunes driven by traditional rhythms. Dressed in elaborate and colourful costumes, dancers perform with sticks, swords, balancing acts, floor work, and finger cymbals, using time-honoured movement and skills.

Banat Amar are family-friendly fun, perfect for community events and festivals! Bring along your clapping hands and cheering voices!

- Festival Style Ghawazee
- Folkloric Sha'abi
- Performance
- Workshops
- Social Dances & Music Jams

Contact us about performing or providing a workshop or social dance at your next event!
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Celebrate your beautiful, creative & expressive self through the joy of Bellydance!

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